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In the Polish IT Community, we had a great initiative on Instagram inspired by Guys from these two profiles: @kjendrzyca and @devenv.pl. Through 30 days we were sharing short Instagram stories related to our dev live - we shared our knowledge, our thoughts, and our experience. If you would like to check stories of other participants - here is a link: https://30devstories.crd.co/ or https://30devstories.pl/.

In my Instagram stories, I shared much information related to C#/.Net, Azure, and software architecture so I decided to upload prepared content to my YouTube channel and the Facebook fan page too. All of #30DEVSTORIES I gathered on dedicated playlists on YouTube and on the Facebook fan page of my blog.

Table of content

Below you can find the list of all of the prepared Instagram stories. Below each video, you can find the link to the story on Instagram too and all related to story external links.

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Day 01 - About the initiative and my first steps in Azure

In my first story I told about the initiative and about the first steps in #azure.


Day 02 - Take responsibility

In my second story I told about taking responsibility for code, task, project…


Day 03 - GitHub Satellite: CodeSpaces and Discussions

In my third story, I told about news from GitHub Satellite 2020 conference: GitHub Discussions and CodeSpaces.


Day 04 - Event Storming

In my fourth story, I told about Event Storming - what it is and why it can be useful.


Day 05 - About me

In my fifth story, I told about me.


Day 06 - My biggest setback during working with Azure

In my sixth story, I told about my biggest setback during working with Azure.


Day 07 - Azure Community Mentoring Program 2020

In my seventh story, I told about the Azure Community Mentoring Program 2020 organized by Microsoft Azure User Group Poland.


Day 08 - Talents in your team

In my eighth story, I told about CliftonStrengths: “Your CliftonStrengths themes are your talent DNA. They explain the ways you most naturally think, feel and behave.”


Day 09 - My Gallup’s TOP5 in the context of teamwork

In my ninth story, I told about my Gallup’s TOP5 in the context of teamwork.


Day 10 - Service lifetimes

In my tenth story, I told about Service lifetimes in .NET Core IoC.


Day 11 - CQS vs. CQRS

In my eleventh story, I told about CQS and CQRS, and about differences between them.


Day 12 - Architecture Decision Records

In my twelfth story, I told about Architecture Decision Records.


Day 13 - Why I moved from Java to C#

In my thirteenth story, I told about why I moved from Java to C#.


Day 14 - Feature toggles

In my fourteenth story, I told about feature toggles.


Day 15 - Know your tools

In my fifteenth story, I told about why you should know the tools which you are using.


Day 16 - No code apps

In my sixteenth story, I told about no code apps.


Day 17 - Observer pattern rules the world!

In my seventeenth story, I told about why I think that observer pattern rules the world!


Day 18 - Azure DevOps

In my eighteenth story, I told about Azure DevOps.


Day 19 - Strangler pattern

In my nineteenth story, I told about strangler pattern.


Day 20 - Azure Static Web Apps

In my twentieth story, I told about Azure Static Web Apps.


Day 21 - Clean architecture

In my twenty-first story, I told about clean architecture.


Day 22 - Easy and fast, but…

In my twenty-second story, I told about Julia language and Jupyter.


Day 23 - Event Sourcing

In my tenth story, I told about Event Sourcing.


Day 24 - Test Driven Development

In my twenty-fourth story, I told about Test Driven Development.


Day 25 - Extension methods

In my twenty-fifth story, I told about Extension methods.


Day 26 - Blob fuse

In my twenty-sixth story, I told about Blob fuse.


Day 27 - Test the architecture of your application

In my twenty-seventh story, I told about testing the architecture of the application.


Day 28 - Random testing

In my twenty-eight story, I told about random testing.


Day 29 - Why I’m blogging and act in the community

In my twenty-ninth story, I told about why I’m blogging and act in the community.


Day 30 - #100DaysOfCode and thank you!

In my thirtieth story, I told about #100DaysOfCode challenge. And I said ‘Thank you’ for organizing this really great initiative and being with me through last thirty days. Really big ‘THANK YOU!’



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