I try my hand on stage from time to time. Here you can find the list of them (previous and planned) with all related materials if they exist.

If you are interested in what I am writing about, what I’m doing, or some fragment of my knowledge/experience, I will be happy to tell you at a local group meeting, online group, or at a conference. I am also happy to conduct a workshop on you.

You can contact me via the Contact page.

If you need my bio or photo for fulfilling the event details, you can grab it from the Press kit page.




  1. 2022-04-05 - [PL] - Money, money, money… Fu!@, it isn’t funny! How not to make cloud cost optimisation. - 4Developers Online - Materials from presentation
  2. 2022-04-01 - [PL] - Azure Virtual Desktop - from zero to hero - Warszawskie Dni Informatyki - Materials from presentation
  3. 2022-01-24 - [PL] - Programowanie od podstaw - praca w IT oczami praktyka (webinar) - Strefa Technologii Uniwersytetu SWPS - Recording on YouTube - Lecton - Apple podcasts - Spotify

Before 2022

  • Code4Life (27.10.2017): Presentation in the Hydepark section on how to run a blog and build a personal brand.
  • ‘8. Forum Rozwoju Mazowsza’: Running a discussion panel Fire Talk: Find yourself in IT – about possible ways of entering the IT industry, ways of development in this industry
  • Fire Talk: Trends in Java – presentation about news in Java 9,
  • IT Academic Days 2018 – Warsaw University of Technology – Presentation: Docker – from zero to hero.